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Celia Cruz Yearbook 2022

Please use the links bellow to submit the required information.

Class of 2022 Ring Information

Full payment is required to order the ring and the turn around time is approximately 10 weeks from order to delivery.

You will need accurate measurement of the ring finger. If you do not know your ring size, any jewelry store can measure your finger.
The vendor, Direct Promotions, does accept credit cards, or money orders as payment. Money orders are payable is Direct Promotions.

To place the order by phone call,
Warren Cooper Direct Promotions Representative (718) 755-1631
Mr. Warren will provide information or guidance on how to select or order your senior ring.

Class of 2022 Senior Pictures!!

Date: TBA
Student Responsibilities

$20.00 sitting fee
One white tuxedo shirt (accessory for male tuxedo for yearbook)

Black bow tie will be distributed for tuxedo picture
One red rose will be distributed for female drape picture (accessory yearbook photo)


Seniors receive appointment one week in advance
Appointment slip and student ID is required for entry
Hand sanitizer will be available upon entry
Students who are not scheduled will not be allowed entry

A mask must be worn for entry and during the waiting process
Masks can only be removed when being photographed
Students will be seated 6 seats apart during the waiting period
Students may refresh their makeup, or hair at assigned stations.
Students cannot apply or refresh makeup for other students
Only photographer’s staff can assist students with clothing changes
Masks must be worn when entering and exiting the auditorium

Students must exit the auditorium immediately after the photo session is complete.

Purchase Yearbook

Purchase your annual school yearbook here! The Celia Cruz Yearbook contains pictures of all students and is for everybody!

Web Store

The Web Store is for ALL of your Celia Cruz needs! Whether you need to pay for a field trip, make a donation, purchase your ASB sticker, or pay PTA Membership Dues, it's all right here!

Gift Shop

The gift shop is where you can buy Celia Cruz memorabilia. T-Shirts, hoodies, water bottles, and backpacks custom designed for you and shipped directly to you!